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I have been trying to hold my frustrations in, but it is getting me way to distracted from studying, so I thought I just want to rant about how I feel. 

I first purchased my iPhone 6s, last November 2015, when it first came out into the market, with alot of anticipation and excitement. However, seems like this iPhone has brought me so much trouble instead of having so much great memories with it. With this one phone, I had to go to the apple service centre 2 times because it gave me so much problem and instead of having better experiences with Apple, my experience with Apple is going downhill. 

In the beginning of this year, around Feburary, I had to make a visit to the apple service centre just after using the phone for close to 3 months due to a phone lock problem. I mean, come on apple, just 3 months, you kidding me right? What happened to the "quality" of your phone that everyone looks up to? I had to deal with the situation of me flying back to Germany in a week, and I really wanted to get everything done in Singapore, as I very much believe that doing it in Singapore will save me so much more hassle then having it done in Germany. 

I explained my situation to the lady at the authorised service centre in Singapore with regards to my situation. And after explaining it a couple of times, she told me that what she could do was to put it a request to have my phone checked first and they will give me a call once my phone is ready. Should I not have a spare phone to use, she offered me a spare phone to use during my period of inconvenienced with my 3 month old iPhone. I gladly declined and told her that I have a spare phone which I am using then. Within 3-4 days, I received a call from them that my phone is fixed and I went to pick it up. 

But that's not the end of my iPhone 6s tragedy. 

Sometime in October this year, I began to have issues with my battery. Every other day, it shuts off at 40%, sometimes 50% or even 70% for no reason. When i try to turn it on normally, it tells me that my phone has no battery. You seriously kidding me right? And it asked me to have it plugged in. I tried to soft reset and it turns off. But within seconds or putting in my password to unlock my phone, of course my phone says sayonara back to me. And the first thought I came to my mind was, probably it's too cold and maybe it is a one time thing.  And that happened to me during my vacation to Belgium. After I returned from Belgium it happened to me a few more times, and decided to reset my phone but of course, it was only the beginning of a disastrous adventure for me.

Sometime in early November, I was in a conversation with my dad, 12,000 miles away from me, my phone just turned off suddenly, thank you apple. That was when it hit me, that I can't deal with this phone-shutting-off-for-no-reason issue anymore. I came home that day to make an appointment to speak to an apple service officer regarding this issue. And sure enough, they did not call me during the time of appointment and instead I had to call them to speak to a customer service officer about it. 

I think, the most important thing for apple is, you are an international company. Shouldn't your staff be able to speak english even in a country like Germany? I mean, hello, globalisation!!! Everyone is everywhere, and english is the most important language at the moment because it is a tool for people of different colours, race, religion and nationality to communicate in. I can understand if can't speak Engish, but I can't understand if Apple's service office can't speak English. 

Anyhow, I spoke to a apple service officer with my very broken German and seems like she understood what I said. And told me it was a software issue and not a hardware issue, after running diagnostics on my phone. She also said that all I could do was to wait for a software update from Apple, which she has no idea when it would be ready. I mentioned thrice during my conversation that my warranty ends in less than 2 weeks and I don't want to have any issues should there be a problem with the hardware. She was affirmed that I wouldn't have a problem with the warranty because, I wouldn't need it anyway. With that, I settled in for the "best" situation, which was to live with my portable charger, everywhere I go. 

I have also got to say that, I hate having to bring a portable charger along with me. It is heavy and it is basically just a burden. I'm not a heavy phone user, so I never had issues with my battery and never needed to bring my portable charger along with me wherever I go. But this battery saga, had to crush all my envisions on travelling, light. 

A couple of days later, I came across a news article with regards to this battery exchange program and I immediately asked my German friend for help to speak to the apple support with regards to my phone. We were told then that I was eligible for this program and that I could go to the apple store to exchange my battery. We managed to get all the details and they even offered to make a reservation for us, but, of course, all the appointments for the next 2 weeks were taken. How lucky I am. So they recommended me to go to an authorised service centre. 

On a side note, I really wanted to get my phone fixed before I go on a vacation for a month, and I really don't want to deal with having to bring a portable charger everywhere I go. The point is, I bought a phone from year 2015 and not a phone from year 2000 and I don't see why we should even be dealing with this kind of issues these days. And knowing for the fact that I am in Germany, and everything here is slow, I wanted to have this settled in the beginning and not in the last minute. 

And so, bravely, I went to this authorised service centre last week to send my phone in for repair. I was served by this lady, probably new, which didn't know a single English, but she could understood what I said in German. She told me that the phone would take 3 working days to be fixed. And I asked if there was a phone that they could loan me during my time of inconvenience. And she said they don't have one and all they could do is to call me when the battery arrives and they will change it for me then. I agreed to this situation, what else could I do? 

Clearly this shop never called me when the battery came, but instead sent me an email that the battery has arrived in the shop and asked me to visit the shop within 24 hours to have it fixed. I mean seriously? Of course, I couldn't just stopped whatever I was going and spent an hour travelling to this shop to send my phone in for service. So I replied explaining that I couldn't make it in 24 hours and I could only visit the shop on Friday. And guess what, no acknowledgement of my email or whatsoever. 

I returned to the shop then on Friday to send my phone in for repair. I handed all the documents and my phone to the same lady that served me last week, and asked her how long it would take to have it fixed. To my understanding she said it was 45 minutes (maybe she said 4-5 hours, but since the shop was going to close in an hour and a half, you should have told me tomorrow instead) and they would call me when it is ready. I mean seriously, I have no phone, how the hell are you going to call me? I even had to explain that since I'm giving my phone to her, and that I have no phone, I asked if she could call my friend instead. My friend and I then, went to take a walk and return after an hour since they did not call me. 

I went to ask for my phone, and this guy started asking me for the documents and whatsoever. And clearly, I had none, because I gave it all to your colleague. He came back after checking, and kind of laughing saying that nothing can be fixed in an hour. I was like wtf, you kidding me right? because that was what your colleague told me. And since all the stars aligned that day, she wasn't around in the shop anymore. He then told me that it would be done on Saturday and they would call me when it is ready. He even said it so easily that, it is just one day and the shop closes at 6pm. Today is Saturday, and it is currently 18:17hrs, and my friend have no received a single call from this shop. 

I really wanted to just rant it out, because I just found this whole situation so ridiculous. Should I have known that I would be in this situation, I would have sent my phone in for service that very first time when I went to the shop and not wait for the battery to arrive and then find time to send my phone in for service. 

Be it an official apple service centre or an authorised service centre, you both are working for the brand apple. And I just don't understand how can your service quality level differs so much. How are you guys suppose to ensure that weather sending it into an official apple service centre or an authorised service centre, the level of quality would be the same?! 

To be very frank, I have no great issue with not having my phone for 3 days. I can live without it for a couple of days. But is just that the more that I think about this, the more ridiculous i feel with regards to my current situation. I have exams next week and this is causing a great distraction to me. Have Apple became a rotten Apple now? 

I have already been to this one service centre 3 times, and it will be my last time on Monday. Hopefully I can get it back then. Please pray for my smooth arrival of my reborned iPhone 6s for the second time.

Dear friends, who can't contact me. I'm not dead, I just have no phone.

till then,
xoxo sophie

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